Transition Program

Transition from Primary into Secondary

The transition from the primary setting into the secondary is almost seamless for St Joseph’s students. The earliest ways students begin this transition commences in Year 5.  Students from Year 5 and 6 participate in the Friday afternoon activities program giving them an early contact with the secondary students and teachers.

During Year 6 students take part in an orientation program that comprises:

  • Morning orientation in May / June
  • Follow up orientation half day in November / December

In 2013 Year 6 Students will also have a full orientation prior to students from Year 8-10.

Transiton from Middle Years into Senior Years

In 2013 the college had their first enrolment of senior students in Year 11 followed by Year 12 in 2014. Year 11 Orientation commenced in Term 1 2012 with general pathway and curriculum interview with current Year 10 students. There will also be:

  • General NTCET and Curriculum night in Term 3 2013
  • Curricuoum Selection Evening in Term 3 2013
  • Orientation Day at the commencement of 2014
  • Meeting with student mentor at least once each term to keep them on track

Students at St Joseph’s have a significant advantage in transition at different levels of their schooling.

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