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principalDenis Graham’s principalship of Saint Joseph Catholic College commenced in January 2013. His previous 9 schools were in Victoria, NSW and WA. He has a passion for teaching and learning, and a desire to provide students at St Josephs with the exact opportunities they would receive in any high performing school in Australia.   He brings a broad range of experiences including roles as Director of Teaching and Learning and a behaviour consultant. Denis has taught in both primary and secondary settings, has a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Theology. His resume includes the authorship of an economics text book author and establishing one of Timor Leste’s first international school exchange programs.

Denis actively encourages innovative teaching and ensures students are fully engaged and prepared for the exciting challenges that come with the digital age. He is now applying his senior secondary experiences to provide the Katherine community with a vibrant, broad based curriculum with multiple entry points for students into tertiary studies and employment.

He views St Joseph’s School Wide Positive Behaviour Program as a highly successful and one that other schools can model from. He believes the Colleges greatest attributes are its serene setting, its calmness and its strong pastoral care of individuals.

“What pleases our parents and students the most is its strong focus on pastoral care of its students, where the individual is recognized for their uniqueness.”

‘We are a faith filled learning community where students have an opportunity to discover their spirituality and model their daily words and actions on Jesus.”

Denis believes that Saint Josephs can match the opportunities provided by schools in large urban environments through its focus on digital on line learning.  He encourages the established camps program and its links to both the Australian Curriculum and our Pastoral Care program. ‘Our camps and excursion program begin in Year 3 and extends to Year 12. Junior classes attend Territory venues such as Katherine Gorge, Mataranka, Darwin, Kakadu and Kununurra. Senior students visit Melbourne’s Career Expo.

The College encourages regular student workshops from interstate and local presenters in the culture, theatre and performing arts fields.

Most importantly he is reassured that the vision for this learning community can be realised through having  a stable, experienced  and committed teaching team  who offer a broad range of rich teaching experiences,  are well qualified and open to ongoing  personal learning and professional growth.

Denis is strongly focused on providing an educational environment, based on the Australian Curriculum that is sensitive to the social and emotional needs of its students and staff.  His mantra is collaboration to bring teachers, students and parents and community into a genuine education partnership.

‘The mission statement of the College seeks to challenge students to develop strength in the areas of Respect Relationships and Resilience.  We are committed to understanding the social and emotional needs of each student in striving to educate the ‘whole person’, as it is when students feel safe and valued that they are able to contribute to our community and realise their full potential’.

Finally Denis advises: ‘If you are moving to Katherine or its region, St Joseph’s Catholic College offers families an education experience on the one site from Little Joeys (2/3 year olds)  all the way to Year 12”.



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